Warm tide - naturally dyed regeneratively farmed handwoven scarf / wall hanging / table runner


Autumn/winter/early spring scarf or shawl, delicately handwoven with singly ply regeneratively farmed British wool from beautiful Somerset. While the weaving is quite delicate, the scarf is wide enough to ensure your neck is well protected and the wool keeps it warm and cozy.

Both warp and weft are naturally dyed. The warp is variegated, with a beautiful flow between blue and yellow. The wool has been hand dyed in my kitchen and the water from the exhaust dye baths goes back into the soil and any remaining plant material into our garden compost bin.
Dyes used: indigo and weld.
I use a fully natural no-nasties indigo fermentation vat.

While it is advertised as a scarf, it can also be used as a long wall hanging or table runner.

My patterns are always asymmetrical, always intuitive, never following a pre-made recipe. All the scarves are unique and I will never weave two identical ones.

Care instructions:
Hand washing and drying flat is recommended. The fabric will soften up with wash. As with any delicate handmade item, it is recommended to be gentle when handling, especially if they feature textural elements.
Natural dyes are PH sensitive, therefore they must be washed with PH neutral soap (I use Ecover Delicate of which I have tested the PH myself).

Please note that natural dyes look different depending on the light. Photos taken outdoors on a bright day. Also please note that even though I did my best to take an accurate photo of the colour, it can differ from screen to screen.

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