Pang2 - naturally dyed regeneratively farmed British wool wall hanging


Pang2 (there is a Pang1 which I'm thrilled to say is currently exhibited in a gallery), part of a series of explorations into the flow of emotion, interrupted by a sharp encounter.

One of my 2022 works, every thread has been carefully naturally dyed especially for this project, mainly with indigo and madder, with the addition of locally foraged lichen and walnut hulls. The warp consists of actually 3 warps each dyed individually to create the differences in variegation and give complexity to the colourwork.

The lovely farm that supplies my wool is Regenerative, GM free, Grass fed (no grains), High Welfare certified as well as EOV (Ecological Outcome Verification) verified. In a nutshell, this means that instead of depleting the soil, they improve it.

Both warp and weft are naturally dyed. The wool has been hand dyed in my kitchen and the water from the exhaust dye baths goes back into the soil and any remaining plant material into our garden compost bin.
Dyes used: madder, indigo, coreopsis, rhubarb leaf, lichen, cochineal.

My patterns are always asymmetrical, always intuitive, never following a pre-made recipe. All the items are unique and I will never weave two identical ones.

Care instructions:
Hand washing and drying flat is recommended. As with any delicate handmade item, it is recommended to be gentle when handling, especially if they feature textural elements.
Natural dyes are PH sensitive, therefore they must be washed with PH neutral soap (I use Ecover Delicate of which I have tested the PH myself).

Please note that natural dyes look different depending on the light. Photos taken outdoors on a bright day. Also please note that even though I did my best to take an accurate photo of the colour, it can differ from screen to screen.

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