Storm - handwoven naturally dyed wall hanging

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Storm, natural dyes on regeneratively farmed British wool, 73 x 41 cm (without fringes).

Inspired by the song with the same title by Aurora and Qing Feng Wu, which had been released the day I started working on this!

This one speaks to me in a very special way.
I absolutely loved working on this, it almost felt like I was floating out of my body!
The type of weave is a ripple weave, very light and transparent, textural, with floating threads.
The middle oval inlay is my signature technique (surely others have done it as well as it can't be unique, but I haven't seen it done and created it myself, for myself) and it took forever! It also sticks out for a bit of a 3d effect!

The flow of colour was achived by working with 4 shuttles at the same time. The warp consists of 4 warps, dyed individually to create a unique variegation. Every thread in this piece has been naturally dyed from scratch, mainly with indigo or an indigo overdye on weld, madder and coccineal, except for the inlay which is the natural colour of the fleece!

The lovely farm that supplies my wool is Regenerative, GM free, Grass fed (no grains), High Welfare certified as well as EOV (Ecological Outcome Verification) verified. In a nutshell, this means that instead of depleting the soil, they improve it.

My patterns are always asymmetrical, always intuitive, never following a pre-made pattern. All the items are unique and I will never weave two identical ones.

Care instructions:
Hand washing and drying flat is recommended. As with any delicate handmade item, it is recommended to be gentle when handling, especially if they feature textural elements.
Natural dyes are PH sensitive, therefore they must be washed with PH neutral soap (I use Ecover Delicate of which I have tested the PH myself).

Please note that natural dyes look different depending on the light. Also please note that even though I did my best to take an accurate photo of the colour, it can differ from screen to screen.

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