Logwood&cutch - naturally dyed regeneratively farmed British wool

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Naturally dyed regenerativelly farmed British wool for knitting and weaving.

Part of my 'Fleece grey' collection, dyed with logwood and cuth, on a naturally grey yarn, showcasing the natural grey colour of the fleece. I think this would make a fun and interesting knit.
Pure Shetland yarn, made up of 2 strands, 2/14 YSW (2/7 NM), 4 ply knitting weight.
Weight: around 60g (give or take 1g or 2, as the hanks have been hand wound), a bit over 200m in length. If you prefer cakes, I can cake them for you upon request.

The wool comes from a regenerative farm in Sommerset. It has been hand dyed in my kitchen in very small batches. All the dye baths are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and the water is used in the garden when the colour is exhausted. Any remaining plant material goes in our compost bin and from there back into the soil.

Natural dyes go beautifully together. Please note that natural dyes look different depending on the light (photos taken outdoors at noon). Also please note that even though I did my best to take an accurate photo of the colour, it can differ from screen to screen.

Care instructions:
Hand washing and drying flat is recommended .
Natural dyes are PH sensitive, therefore they must be washed with PH neutral soap (I use Ecover Delicate of which I have tested the PH myself).
The yarn has been rinsed and washed without any residual pigment coming out, but this can happen in some cases.

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